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PTA Website

Any information you need about the Valley View PTA can be found  HERE:  http://www.vvfalcons.my-pta.org/

School Musical Website

Any information you want about the Annual Valley View Musical can be found HERE:


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Back to School Night Letter to Parents:     PTABacktoSchoolNightLetter2018.pdf

PTA Membership  -  Fundraising -   T-Shirt Order Form:      PTAregistrationform2018.pdf

Box tops

Each box top collected is worth a dime to our school, and they add up quickly.  Collection events will be scheduled throughout the year.


     Link your Fresh Value Card at Smith's to our school and they will give us a percentage of what you spend and send us a check.  Click HERE to enroll your card Today.


Bring your paper recycling to the green container in the back of the school for collection.  The school receives payment based on the weight of the paper collected.

Cell Phones and printer cartridges

 We receive a small amount of cash for each one donated.  Bring them to a special bin in the main office.

PTA Proposed Budget for 2018-19

PTA Proposed Budget 2018-19  1



                Create and enter the  PTA Reflections Contest
     Photography, Visual Arts,  Dance,  Film,  Music & Literature

Entry Deadline: October 24th      http://www.utahpta.org/reflections

Reflections 2018


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Kindess Week Assembly

            Kindness Week Kickoff:   Stand4Kind, through the Utah Anti-bullying coalition, brought the Foreign Figures Band back for a great concert, and BMX bikers from 50X50.