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Lori Thorpe

Lori Thorpe 

Library Hours: 
Monday - Thursday                                  8:40 a.m.  -3:40 p.m.

The library is open any time I'm here--which is almost all the school day.   

School Library Mission Statement

  The mission of the Valley View  library  is to enrich and support the educational programs of our school.   

  To help our students  become enthusiastic about reading for fun and for learning and to develop literacy and research skills.                              The philosophy is to foster a love of reading and learning.  “Read, Learn, Discover, Inspire!" 


In the Library
This month we'll be...

-Introducing the Family
  Literacy Event this week.
  Having an Author read
  their book to you.
  Learning Parts of a Story.

-Story writing & telling -with 
  spooky prompts.
  Reading Fun, Spooky

-Escape Room-Digital 
  Using your brainpower!

-In the Dark Enchanted
  Forest in  the library.
  Reading with flashlights        and sharing stories around
  the campfire.

Oh, the places you'll go when you Read sign

Welcome to the Valley View Library!

Let Mrs. Thorpe know where a book has taken you and you can put a flag pin on the bulletin board in the library. 


Digital Escape Room for Library

-Animal Adventure 2-3
                                       -Into the Lions Den 
                                        -Escape the Bookshelf  4-6
                                       -A Night at the Library 5-6
                                       -Library Character Escape 1-3
                                       -Help Pete the Cat get his Groove Back 1-3
                                       -Halloween Adventure 5-6

Explore the catalog- Books from our school library, Free e-books & Audio books from SORA,  Learning sites and MORE!                                 
-You can even login & put books on HOLD, write reviews & more.
 Login:  Your Student ID &  PIN  (ask Mrs. Thorpe)


Library picture

and Mrs. Thorpe will see if we can get them!

Battle of the Books poster
  •          Battle of the Books 2020-2021

                    Things will look different this year, but it will still be fun and rewarding!
                                            Here are a few facts about Book Battles:

  • It is a reading incentive program and competition.
  • For 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th graders at Valley View
  • Students read from a list of  books. 2nd - 12 books  3rd-6th  15 books
  • Competition is based on knowledge of the books.
  • Competitions will be held monthly during class library visits starting in January
  • Students can earn coins to spend at the Battle Store in the spring, for each book they read.
  • Top students and classes earn awards, fame and glory. 
  •                    Battle Books            
            2nd Grade       3rd-4th Grade 
                        5th-6th Grade 
    2nd-Book Blurb-   Paper           Online Form    3rd-6th Book Blurb- Paper       Online Form

  •                For more info see Battle of the Books below                                ____________________________________________________

  • epic icon


     Free Books to Read Online      

  • Fun Calendars to use with EPIC

  • Sign in as a student with the classroom code: lqg7849 click on "Guest".  Many of you already have Epic! through your  teacher, if you do it's best to login with your teacher's class code.

  • storyline Online icon

    Storyline Online  -picture books read by authors and actors--
       FREE for all. 

Library Event Highlights

Hope you have a great SUMMER!

Make a lot of FUN,  READING, exploring and creating.  On my library page you'll find things to do, activiies, crafts, online reading and more!  Check it all out above!

Read ON!                         
See you when school starts