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Lori Thorpe 


Library Hours- During the School Year
The library is open any time Mrs. Thorpe is there (which is most of the time, during school).  Come on in and check-in and out books - even if I have a class (2-6)

Specific times when I don't have a class (come on in) :
Monday - Friday 8:30-10:015am
Monday - Thursday 3:25-3:45pm

Library in... 


                  Welcome Back!

-Students are writing Readers Theaters &’ Skeaters’ (Readers Theaters that are acted out, Skit + Readers Theater) -so when they have one finished,   they will perform as part of library during the next few months.

-2nd - 6th Grade: We will also be practicing for Battle of the Books each week during library check-in and out/ and having practice battles        during the  next two months - to be ready for the Battle of the Books tournament, starting the week of March 6th.

-4th - 6th  Class Spelling Bees this month

January 4-6    Short Week
K-6:  SEL Reading "My Mouth is a Volcano" by Julia Cook    and/or  "The Interrupting Chicken" by David Stein 

1-6:  We will be discovering things on a January Library Choice Board

January 9-13             2nd - 6th bring iPads       
TIME MACHINE - Martin Luther King,Jr

2-6 Battle of the Books Practice during check-in and out

K:  Destiny search practice and read an e-book (if time) 

1:  Destiny search practice and read an e-book,  Use the library iPads to Discover more of
      Destiny Discover Library Catalog

2-6: Destiny Discover - Library Catalog   Learn and Do  - USING CALL numbers to find books. 
Read an e-book about Martin Luther King, Jr.
       How to log-in with your own login so you can make reading lists,  write reviews, read e-books, and more!
 Student login:  Your Student ID and PIN

January 17-20  (No School on the 16th)    2nd -6th   Bring i-Pads

2-6 B of B Practice during check-in and out

K-6 Learning more about SORA - our Free digital e-book, audio book, and read a long library
 Sign in using your Office 365 Login,   How to and check out a book.

January 23 - 27        25th & 26th early out SEP Conferences

2-6   B of B Practice during check-in and out

K -  Choose Kindness Books        SEL

1-6 Choose Kindness Books and activity


School Library Mission Statement

  The mission of the Valley View  library  is to enrich and support the educational programs of our school.   

  To help our students  become enthusiastic about reading for fun and for learning and to develop literacy and research skills.                              The philosophy is to foster a love of reading and learning.  “Read, Learn, Discover, Inspire!" 


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Welcome to the Valley View Library!

Wild About Reading poster 2023
Your future's so bright you've got to wear shades poster 2023

District School Libraries
-Parent Information Sheet

This year we will be reading about people in the past who made a difference. People who worked hard, and overcame challenges.  We will learn from their stories and what they did to help make a brighter future for ourselves. 
We'll be using our TIME MACHINE!

Library This Week for website
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                              January 23-27
      Battle of the Books practice during check-in/out
             SORA - Learning about and how to login
             to our Free e-book & audio book library 

                                  Using your 365 login & password

                           Choose Kindness Books and Activities

           Library Choice Board - Jan. 2023   
           Library Choice Board - Jan 2022

Choice Board January

      Battle of the Books 2022-23   

We have teams and students grades 2nd - 6th are practicing for our 
                           BATTLES in March                     

 Book Lists   2nd       3rd - 4th       5th - 6th 

               More information,
     What is BofB?     Blurbs, etc. 

BofB 3-4 Booik Cover Poster small 2023
BofB 5-6 book Cover poster small 2023









Places to read books - or be read to:

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SORA   Districts Free e-books, audio books and read-a-longs   

storyline Online icon 


Davis County Library icon

       Davis County Libraries  
    &  Bountiful Branch Library


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SUGGEST BOOKS for our library 

and Mrs. Thorpe will see if we can get them!  

Library Event Highlights

For Battle of the Books students are reading and earning coins to spend at the library store in March.
Teams are practicing for the Battles--