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Lori Thorpe 


Library Hours- During the School Year
The library is open any time Mrs. Thorpe is IN the library (which is most of the time, during school).  Come on in and check-in and out books - even if I have a class (2-6).

Specific times when I don't have a class:  COME ON IN!
Monday: 8:45 - 9:25am & 3:30 - 3:45pm Tuesday: 8:45 -9:25am & 2:00 - 3:45pm
Wednesday: 8:45-10:15 & 3:30-3:45pm
Thursday: 8:45-11:30 &  3:30-3:45pm
Friday:  8:45-11:00 & 1:00-1:45pm
             Except once a month district
             meeting on Friday morning.

Library in... 

September 1

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School Library Mission Statement

  The mission of the Valley View library  is to enrich and support the educational programs of our school.   

  To help our students become enthusiastic about reading for fun and for learning and to develop literacy and research skills.                              The philosophy is to foster a love of reading and learning.  “Read, Learn, Discover, Inspire!" 


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Welcome to the Valley View Library!

District School Libraries
-Parent Information Sheet

    Parent Rights to Restrict Books for Their Student
 A parent desiring to restrict their own child's access to specific library books or materials shall submit the request in writing -to the library professional at Valley View Elementary school.

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"Kids Training for the Human Race"

Kids & Cultures of the world!   
We will get to know and understand each other better and learn where we are from       
     through books and Culture Shares-Where I'm from (or my ancestors)   

Library This Week for website

                                                   September 18 - 22
                                   Designing your "Shoe About You" 

Shoe decorated about you

                                Learning about you and each otherA Perfectly Messed-Up Story  BOOK
                                & Book Care with the Book Doctor!

                                 Book:  A Perfectly Messed-Up Story
                                               by Patrick McDonnell


-Please find out what country (countries) your ancestors are from

-for library KIDS & CULTURES

MLK Jr. Speech Contest

              Application DUE to   
          Mrs. Thorpe in the Library 
             by  October 9, 2023.

  Valley View School Competition will            be held on October 13, 2023.  

                 How to & MORE


Pumpkin Contest -book character October





    and Rules







Learn to read

  Want to help your student learn to read
             or get better at reading?        
                     Check out - YouTube Channels that will help

 (262) Nikki B. Teaching - YouTube        
 (262) Reading Buddies -YouTube   

BofB Book List 2023-24 picture

   Battle of the Books             
   Book Lists 2023 - 2024 

  2nd    3rd-4th      5th-6th  

      What is BofB?   
                      More information, Blurbs, etc. 

         Places to read books - or be read to:

Sora picture

       SORA   Districts Free e-books,
       audio books and read-a-longs.   

Davis County Library icon

       Davis County Libraries  
    & Bountiful Branch Library


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SUGGEST BOOKS for our library

and Mrs. Thorpe will see if we can get them!  

Library Event Highlights