LIBRARY - Valley View Elementary

Lori Thorpe Picture 2020-2021

Lori Thorpe 

Library Hours: 
Monday - Thursday                                  8:40 a.m.  -3:40 p.m.

The library is open any time I'm here--which is almost all the school day.   

School Library Mission Statement

  The mission of the Valley View  library  is to enrich and support the educational programs of our school.   

  To help our students  become enthusiastic about reading for fun and for learning and to develop literacy and research skills.                              The philosophy is to foster a love of reading and learning.  “Read, Learn, Discover, Inspire!" 


         In the Library
  This month we'll be...

  • K-1 A Mrs. Thorpe Reading a Battle of the Books book & talking about & answering  questions.

  • 2-6 Battle of the Books -Practice Round &                Memorizing  titles and authors - game.

  • K-6 Social Emotional         Learning - Introduce the 300's in our Dewey Section, reading a SEL  book from the 300's & practicing  calming   techniques for the new year.

  • Picture of the Day - Observing Details, Describing Details, Analyzing Details and Making Inferences.  

  • K-6  Book discussions & Book Commercials - by students.  Convince us to read a book you like.            

Oh, the places you'll go when you Read sign

Welcome to the Valley View Library!

map pins picture

Let Mrs. Thorpe know where a book has taken you and you can put a flag pin on the bulletin board in the library. 

Library icon

Library  This WEEK--
          Book Commercials
Students create "TV" commercials
     for their Favorite books--
                         Convince us to read it!

Our Choice Boards

Our January Choice Board 
Join the FUN!

   Reading, Learning,  
     Making, Coding,     
 Technology & more! 
Martin Luther King Choice Board

Library picture

and Mrs. Thorpe will see if we can get them!  


Library Event Highlights

Battle of the books is up and running, or should I say READING!
All the students in K-1st grade are being read Battle Books at school.
All Students in 2nd - 6th have chosen a book to read from their Battle Book list, to read or listen to at home.
We are doing Practices and Battles during class library times.