LIBRARY - Valley View Elementary

Lori Thorpe

Lori Thorpe 

Library Hours:
Monday - Thursday                                  8:40 a.m.  -3:40 p.m.
8:40 a.m. - 1:40 p.m.

The library is always open!  You are welcome to come to the library any time Mrs. Thorpe is there (which is most of the time).  COME ENJOY!

School Library Mission Statement

  The mission of the Valley View  library  is to enrich and support the educational programs of our school.   

  To help our students  become enthusiastic about reading for fun and for learning and to develop literacy and research skills.                              The philosophy is to foster a love of reading and learning.  “Read, Learn, Discover, Inspire!" 

Battle of the Books Sign

Library Event Highlights

We are learning all about the library and how it works .  Call numbers and how to find and put away books in the library.  The students are discovering all the great books we have.

Sign ups for Battle of the Books is going on right now.  This is a great program to help students read a variety of books and be able to compete with their knowledge of the books.  See "Battle of the Books" tab above.