School-Wide Behavior Plan


Valley View Elementary School-Wide Behavior Plan


PBIS – Positive Behavior Intervention System

  •   Students are rewarded individually in class by teacher using their class incentive system.
  •   Classes are rewarded with tickets by anyone in the school for following rules, procedures, exemplary                   behavior, leaving lunchroom tables clean, etc.
  •   Classes who earn 100 tickets will receive a reward in class.  Classes will choose from a reward menu that          students and teachers create.
  •   Classes who earn 500 tickets by the end of 1st Term will participate in a reward activity supported by the             PTA.
  •   Classes who earn 1,000 tickets by the end of Term 2 will participate in another reward activity sponsored           by the PTA.
  •   Classes who earn 1,500 tickets by the end of Term 3 will participate in a third reward activity.
  •   Classes who earn 2,020 tickets by the end of Term 4 will participate in a fourth reward activity.
  •   Kindergarten classes earn half of the above amounts.

Behavior Infractions:

  •  We will be handling minor and major behaviors differently this year.
  •  Teachers will handle minor behavior infractions and administer appropriate consequences.  Parents will be       contacted by teacher as appropriate.
  •  When a student has had 3 minor behavior infractions (of a similar type) it then becomes a major and                 he/she is referred to the office.
  •  The office will handle all major behavior infractions and contact parents.


                       Minor Infractions -Office Referral Definitions


Minor Problem Behavior




Student engages in brief or low-intensity failure to respond to adult requests.


Student engages in low-intensity, but inappropriate disruption

Inappropriate Language/Put-downs

Student engages in low-intensity instance of inappropriate language such as put-downs.

Physical Contact


Student engages in non-serious, but inappropriate physical contact i.e., not keeping hands to self, in other’s personal space.

Inappropriate Use of Property/Materials

Student engages in low-intensity misuse of property or inappropriate use of items i.e., throwing pencils.

Late from Recess

Student does not line up for recess in time to go in with class.  Student must check in on computer in office.

Inappropriate Hallway Behavior

Student does not follow Hallway Procedures of walking, voices off, staying to the right, etc.

Not Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

Students being in hallways, bathrooms, classrooms, etc. without adult permission. 



Student engages in any other minor problem behaviors that do not fall within the above categories.


                                                                                                                                                                     Major Behavior Infractions and Definitions


Major Problem Behavior




Abusive/Inappropriate Language


Student delivers verbal messages that include swearing, name calling, or use of words in an inappropriate way to adults or other students.



Student is involved in mutual participation in an incident involving physical violence.


Physical Aggression

Student engages in actions involving serious physical contact where injury may occur (e.g. hitting, punching, hitting with an object, kicking, hair pulling, scratching, biting, etc.




Student engages in refusal to follow directions, talking back, and/or socially rude interactions.




Student delivers disrespectful messages * (verbal, written, or gestures) to another person that include threats, intimidation, obscene gestures, pictures, or written notes.

Disrespectful messages include negative comments based on race, religion, gender, age, and/or national origin; sustained or intense verbal attacks based on ethnic origin, disabilities, or other personal matters.


Inappropriate Display of Affection or Touching


Student engages in inappropriate verbal, and/or physical gestures/contact, of a sexual nature to another student/adult, either consensual or non-consensual.


Inappropriate Location/      Out of Bounds Area


Student leaves school grounds or is in an area that is outside of defined school boundaries.


Vandalism/Property Destruction


Student participates in an activity that results in destruction or disfigurement of property.



Student is in possession of, having passed on, or being responsible for removing someone else’s property or has signed a person’s name without that person’s permission.


Illicit Substances/Materials



Student is in possession of illicit substances (e.g. tobacco, vaping materials, alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons (knives, funs real or look alike) matches, firecrackers, gasoline, lighters, etc.

Gang Activity

Student uses gestures, dress, and or speech to display affiliation with a gang.

Technology Violation


Student engages in inappropriate use of cell phone, iPad, computer, or another electronic/digital device.




Student engages in any other major problem behavior that is not listed above.