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2023-24 PTA Theme

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                                      August 2023

                    Valley View PTA Meetings

September 6th at 12:00 PM .  This meeting will be held at Melinda May's home, this month only.
Please text her for the address if attending in person. 
Melinda May   801.915.8745

Starting in October, the PTA meetings will be every first Tuesday of the month at 12:00 PM at Valley View.

If attending via zoom click the link below. pwd=Z1ZlT0d4TURBTGlMc0xuTzU3QVh0Zz09
Password : VVPTA

PTA meetings are open to the public. Your voice matters! 
Voting is for paid members only. 

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PTA Reflections Contest 2023-24

 Due online by October 23, 2023

Enter the Reflections Contest with your Art: Dance, Film, Literature, Music, Photography or Visual Arts!

            More Information: 
               How to & Rules

                      Due:  Submit online by October 23, 2023

Send your pictures

Send any pictures or videos for the yearbook and other presentations at school to the PTA - Lori



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