First Day Packet

IMPORTANT Information & Forms for ALL Students
             for the Beginning of the Year.


First Day Folder picture

Don't Forget!     
Please click on colored text to open the links to important forms & information.

  • Complete the Returning Student Registration by                                    the 1st Friday of the school year 

    **The following form will need to be printed, signed, and returned**
    to your child's teacher by the first Friday of the school year. 
    Every child must return this form every year.           

    **Pre-Emergency Evacuation Release Form **


  • Contact the front office if any of the following information has changed:

          *Child’s Health Status         *Address                          *email address
          *Phone numbers                 *Emergency Contacts

Valley View Elementary -Important Reminders

  • Visit our School Web Page often, to answer any questions you might have      and keep updated on what's going on at Valley View!

  • Attendance Policy – Call the attendance line at 801-402-2056 to report            your child’s absence. You can also report absences through your My.DSD        account. Children should be in school unless they are sick or have a family      emergency.    

  •  Parking Lot – Before school and after cars are not allowed in the lower             west parking lot by our 1st and Kindergarten. Cars are not allowed in the         bus loop as well. Refer to the traffic flow map found on our school web             page under school information. SAFETY FIRST!               


  •  Front Door- Our front door is now locked during the school day. Push the         buzzer and we will let you in. Masks Required. Temperatures taken. You           must bring your picture ID to show in the office - Check in and get a                 badge!     SAFETY FIRST!                                                                                                       

  •  Late Student Check in – If your child arrives after the tardy bell at 8:50 they     will need to enter through the front doors of the school. All late students         must check in at the office.

  • Early Student Check Out – All students must be checked out from the               office. We will call your child down from class and you can meet them by         the office. Only the guardian or emergency contacts can check out a child.     Wear a mask. Bring picture ID.                  


  • Volunteers Welcome! – When volunteering- Masks are required. Your               temperature will be taken. No young children or babies allowed while               volunteering. Bring picture ID. Come to the office and check in and get a         badge. Safety is one of our #1 concerns. Before leaving please check out         and return your badge to the office.